WMT19: The MLLP is at ACL 2019 to present its winning MT systems for the 4th Conference in Machine Translation

MLLP members are this week at ACL 2019 in Florence, and will present at the Fourth Conference in Machine Translation (WMT19) their most recent Neural Machine Translation systems for EN<>DE, FR<>DE and ES<>PT. In particular, our Spanish<>Portuguese systems have won WMT19’s Similar Language Translation shared task. Come see us at the conference!

This week, over 3000 researchers and professionals are in Florence attending ACL 2019 (Florence, 28 July–2 August), the annual meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics, this time with 660 accepted scientific articles in this field (out of 2900 submitted). The Fourth Conference in Machine Translation, WMT19, will also take place this Thursday and Friday as a co-located event.

This year, the MLLP has participated in WMT19’s news translation shared task with newly built neural machine translation systems for English<>German and French<>German, and also in the similar language translation task with Spanish<>Portuguese systems. We are glad to report that our Spanish<>Portuguese systems were the best ranked in this year’s results, and our news translation systems were in competitive positions in their respective results tables. You can see the full result tables below. Update: You will find here the complete results of WMT19’s news translation and similar language shared tasks.

MLLP researchers Pau Baquero-Arnal, Javier Iranzo-Sánchez and Gonçal V. Garcés Díaz-Munío are in Florence attending ACL and WMT19, were they will present their articles “The MLLP-UPV Supervised Machine Translation Systems for WMT19 News Translation Task” and “The MLLP-UPV Spanish-Portuguese and Portuguese-Spanish Machine Translation Systems for WMT19 Similar Language Translation Task” (click on the titles for the full texts).

If you are at the conference, come talk to us at the poster sessions on Thursday and Friday (11:00–12:30). Check out WMT19’s programme for the full details.

We at the MLLP are glad to participate in this year’s WMT19. We look forward to seeing you there!

WMT19 similar language translation results
Results of WMT19 ES↔PT Similar Language Translation Task (BLEU).
Results of WMT19 FR↔DE News Translation Task (human evaluation).
Results of WMT19 EN↔DE News Translation Task (human evaluation).
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