transLectures Video Demos

About transLectures
  • transLectures: Transcription and translation of video lectures
  • Period: 1/11/2011 – 31/10/2014
  • Project supported by the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement no. 287755.

transLectures was an EU-funded project to develop innovative, cost-effective tools for the automatic transcription and translation of online educational videos. Automatic transcription tools were developed to provide verbatim subtitles of the talks recorded on video, thereby allowing the hard-of-hearing to access this content. Language learners and other non-native speakers can also benefit from these monolingual subtitles. At the same time, machine translation tools were developed to make these subtitles available in languages other than that in which the video was recorded. Find out more about transLectures…

Project overview video

Integration into Opencast Matterhorn

Here we present a short demo of what transLectures tools will look like when they are up-and-running on the Matterhorn platform. In the first part of the video, we see how the videos will be processed “behind the scenes” in order to obtain their transcriptions and translations. Then, we see how the intelligent interaction element of the project will materialise itself, watching as a user edits key sections of the automatic transcript and adds corrections in real time.

Intelligent interaction

Intelligent interaction demo shown for the first time at the 2013 European Semantic Web Conference. In it, you can see the new intelligent interaction mode currently as it was tested by our first groups of users. MLLP researcher Álex Pérez guides us through the process.


In this video demo, preliminary MLLP text-to-speech synthesis systems are used to generate “dubbed versions” in English of Spanish-language videos, based on the videos’ English subtitles.