vrAIn, the Valencian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence, is born with the MLLP as a founding group

vrAIn full logoThe MLLP research group has joined efforts with 5 other research groups on machine learning and artificial intelligence at Universitat Politècnica de València to create vrAIn, the Valencian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence.

vrAIn Valencian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence (Institut Valencià d’Investigació en Intel·ligència Artificial) has been founded at Universitat Politècnica de València by over 70 researchers belonging to the research groups Enginyeria del Llenguatge i Reconeixement de Formes (ELiRF); Extensiones de la Programación Lógica (ELP); Machine Learning and Language Processing (MLLP); Teoría de Lenguajes, Computabilidad y Criptografía (TLCC); Information Technology and Artificial Intelligence (GTI-IA); and Multiparadigm Software Technology (MIST). UPV professor Vicent Botti has been elected as its first director.

The constituent groups of vrAIn are national and international references in AI research and their results are backed by an extensive scientific production.

The mission of vrAIn is to produce significant advances in the state of the art of Artificial Intelligence that will be materialized in the development of new methods and techniques, as well as the development of innovative applications in a large number of strategic sectors. Of special interest will be the activities of analysis and assessment of the ethical aspects of the use and implementation of AI focusing, with a multidisciplinary vision, the general design of AI systems from an alignment of ethical, legal and social aspects, with Responsible Artificial Intelligence being the focus of the research developed.

vrAIn has joined the CLAIRE Research Network and will be represented at the Information and Brokerage day for the H2020 Call on European Network of Artificial Intelligence Excellence Centres (Brussels, 28 May).

More details about the creation of vrAIn can be found in these reports in the Spanish media:

We at the MLLP are convinced that vrAIn will be a relevant European AI player in the years to come.

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