Prof. Laurent Heutte from Univ. de Rouen & LITIS Lab visited the MLLP

Last week, Prof. Laurent Heutte (Univ. de Rouen & LITIS research laboratory) visited the MLLP to exchange ideas and discuss possible future collaborations.

Dr. Laurent Heutte is full professor in Computer Engineering and Science at the Université de Rouen and head of the Document and Learning research team at the LITIS research laboratory (Normandy, France). The MLLP group met with him last week at the Universitat Politècnica de València in order to learn more about each other’s research efforts and exchange ideas.

Prof. Heutte presented the work made by his team at LITIS on machine learning, including advances on random forest classifiers, for applications such as classification of medical images and handwritten text recognition. MLLP members, in turn, summarized the most recent work by the group on video lecture transcription (ASR) and translation (MT) in the EU projects transLectures and EMMA, as well as previous work on old handwritten text recognition in the project iDoc.

This led to fruitful discussions in which common areas of interest were found. Prof. Heutte expressed his interest in collaborating at LITIS with MLLP members, and, in turn, MLLP head Dr. Alfons Juan expressed the MLLP’s interest in future collaborations with Prof. Heutte and his team.

We at the MLLP thank Prof. Heutte for his visit and look forward to future collaborations with him and LITIS. À bientôt!


Logo of the LITIS research laboratory
(Picture source: LITIS)


Logo of the UPV’s MLLP research group

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