MLLP director Alfons Juan will be a keynote speaker at the Internet of Education Conference 2015


MLLP director Dr. Alfons Juan will be at the UNESCO-sponsored Internet of Education Conference 2015 in Sarajevo on 18 September to deliver a keynote speech on language technologies for education.

The Internet of Education Conference 2015, organized by the Knowledge 4 All Foundation and sponsored by UNESCO, looks at how education systems and schools in Slovenia and around the world are innovating with Artificial Intelligence methods and tools, STEM projects like MyMachine, video repositories like VideoLectures.Net and innovation environments like OpeningUpSlovenia. The keynote speech by the MLLP’s Alfons Juan will focus on the first of these topics, providing an outlook based on the experience of the MLLP in the research and application of innovative educational technologies in large-scale projects such as EMMAtransLectures and Active2Trans.

The MLLP’s keynote speech is scheduled on 18 September at 14:00; you can check the updated schedule for this and other presentations at the IoE 2015’s programme.

The MLLP also had the occasion to participate in the previous Internet of Education Conference 2013. You can watch the video of our presentation and read our impressions on the IoE2013 here.

We at the MLLP are grateful for the invitation to participate again in the IoE 2015, and excited at the chance to discuss in Sarajevo the future of educational technologies with the conference’s organizers and participants. We look forward to seeing you there!

Picture source: OpeningUpSlovenia

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