Integrate the MLLP’s transcription and translation platform into your media platform or repository with our revamped API


We are pleased to announce that we have upgraded our MLLP translation and transcription platform’s API to make it more powerful and easier to use. Would you be interested in integrating an automatic transcription and translation system in your media platform or repository? You can try it now with our open platform.

If you’ve tried before the MLLP’s automatic transcription and translation platform, you’ve probably interacted with it using the web interface, where you can manage your media and documents, upload new files, and use the TTP Player to watch the videos and edit the subtitles. But there is another way to access your contents: our platform’s API, which can be used to send commands from your media platform or repository in order to automatize the process of uploading files to our platform and obtaining your subtitles.

Up until now, this part of the platform was not so visible; but with this upgrade, we’ve brought it to the forefront, in order to enable our platform’s users to use it easily to integrate our platform’s services into their media workflows.

When you log into your free account within our platform, you’ll notice there’s a new “API” section within “My account”. In there, you’ll find your API credentials along with a brief explanation including simple examples about how to use our new API.

There’s much more to it, though, and you’ll be able to find out all about it through the platform’s updated and expanded documentation at:

You will find that, with this update, we have simplified all the interfaces, access methods and user authentication methods, which we’re sure our users will appreciate. Additionally, in order to facilitate integration with our platform, we are releasing a reimplemented set of Python client scripts, and also new Python and PHP libraries, along with their respective documentation. You will find these client tools in the “API” section in your account.

Visit your account or register now at in order to try these new features!

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