Final review of EMMA at the EC: project commended by reviewers, all deliverables approved

emmaThe final project review of the EU project EMMA took place in September at the European Commission’s premises in Luxembourg, with very positive results.

The independent reviewers invited by the EC commended the EMMA consortium, of which the UPV’s MLLP group was part, on the work done and the results of the project, and approved all project deliverables.

Jorge Civera, principal investigator for the UPV’s MLLP group in EMMA, was there to present our work on multilingual transcription and translation of the EMMA MOOCs. Multilinguality is a distinctive feature of the EMMA platform, and it’s been an exciting challenge to work with 7 leading EU universities in producing and post-editing automatic transcriptions and translations with state-of-the-art technology for 7 different languages (Dutch, English, Estonian, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish).

You can learn more about the project results reading the public EMMA deliverables, and the project’s scientific publications.

The EMMA platform now lives on, with new universities and organizations choosing it to deliver their courses, and the MLLP is contributing with their technology to support EMMA MOOC providers in bringing their courses to the widest possible audience in several languages.

If you are interested in taking EMMA courses for free, have a look at their MOOC offering. If your university or organization is interested in offering their courses through the EMMA platform, learn more here about how to get involved. And if you are interested in trying the MLLP’s transcription and translation technologies (for video, audio, text and websites), register for a trial account in the MLLP Platform.

EMMA review Luxembourg

Part of the EMMA team representing the consortium at the European Commission in Luxembourg
(Picture source: Chiara Ferrari)

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