New article by the MLLP’s Isaías Sánchez-Cortina published in Elsevier’s Computer Speech & Language

The article “Speaker-adapted confidence measures for speech recognition of video lectures“, by Isaías Sánchez-Cortina and other MLLP members, has been accepted for publication in the May 2016 volume of Elsevier’s Computer Speech & Language journal, and is already available online. Mr Sánchez-Cortina will also be defending his PhD thesis this Friday at Universitat Politècnica de València.


Results of the IWSLT 2015 ASR evaluation campaign

The MLLP has obtained competitive results in the IWSLT 2015 evaluation campaign on speech recognition, which were presented on 3–4 December in Da Nang, Vietnam. The MLLP’s ASR results were the only ones based completely on internally developed technology (the TLK toolkit for speech recognition). See here the full results of the IWSLT 2015 EN ASR evaluation campaign.